Police officers in Dubai detains a beggar offering people scale to weigh themselves for money

Police officers in Dubai detained a street beggar who was offering people a scale to weigh themselves for a price of Dh1 in the Al Muraqqabat area.

Police officers in Dubai detained a street beggar who was offering people a scale to weigh themselves for a price of Dh1 in the Al Muraqqabat area.

The Acting Director of Anti-infiltrators at the General Department of Criminal Investigation, Colonel Ahmad Al Adidi, said the beggar was detained in cooperation with Al Muraqqabat Police Station after he was spotted asking passersby to weigh themselves in exchange for money.


Al Adidi stated, “This is a new style of begging we are seeing, except the more typical practices of selling Islamic artefacts like the beads, Quran-designed antiques and decoration items.”

He also issued a warning against responding to beggars’ stories about their health or financial crisis to gain sympathy and donations.

He further added, “There are official and charitable entities and authorities ready to help the needy, which we, at Dubai Police, urge whomever in need of financial aid to turn to.”

Dubai Police has boosted checks on begging in a drive that the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) started last year in March in cooperation with Dubai Police stations and strategic partners.

Al Adidi said special teams had been made to battle against beggars all around the Emirate before the starting of Ramadan and to keep a check on areas frequented by beggars.

He further added that the campaign had contributed significantly towards decreasing the number of beggars every year because of the strict procedures and measures taken against violators and the efforts of the CID.


Al Adidi highlighted, “Begging poses a severe threat to the security and safety of our society. We take the issue seriously as it shatters the reputation of the Emirate and also impacts the security as it raises cases of thefts and pickpocketing.”

Violators face a fine of Dh5,000 along with imprisonment of three months if found Begging under the Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 on anti-begging.

Residents and citizens around the UAE are advised to report beggars when spotted via the toll-free number (901), the Police Eye Service, the Dubai Police smart application, and the (E-Crime) platform.


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