Dubai’s population crosses 3.5 million mark

The population of Dubai has now crossed the 3.5 million mark after a rise in migration post-pandemic. On Thursday, 21 April, the Centre's live population counter stood at around 3,500,105

The population of Dubai has now crossed the 3.5 million mark after a rise in migration post-pandemic.

On Thursday, 21 April, the Centre’s live population counter stood at around 3,500,105


From the start of 2021 till now, the population has increased by almost 100,000.

Growth of population is an important goal for the emirate’s government, with a target of 5.8 million people by the end of 2040, with significant physical changes for the city have been planned.

The city is open for business, tourism, Expo, and importantly for parents, there has been consistent in-school education (during the COVID-19 pandemic)

This will also bring major demand for schools and properties. Earlier this week, the city’s private schools population outperformed for the first time ever, with 300,000 students, after rising by more than 14,000 since September 2021.

Statistics show that 303,262 students have been enrolled, which is a sharp rise from the 289,019 total in September and above the pre-pandemic level of 295,148 kids in 2019-2020.

Population experts said that the rise would push the need for new schools and thousands of new homes within the next two decades.


As predicted, many new people are expected to come from Russia and Sub-Saharan Africa, in addition to traditional markets such as Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

Laura Stockwell, who operates a real estate agency, works with primarily newly arrived families.

She stated that the traditional summer turnover of families leaving the Emirates to move back to their hometown had decreased significantly.

Additionally, a large number of migrants from Asia and Europe continue to arrive.

“The city has been open for business, Expo, tourism and importantly for parents, there has been constant in-school education,” she said of the pandemic period.

“Throw in a Golden Visa or a small working visa, and year-round sunshine, and the city’s filled up.”

She said rental prices are increasing significantly, albeit after a fall before and during the pandemic.

Tariq Saeed


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