Man stabbed and pushed off building over minor dispute in Dubai

An African man, aged 36, has been allegedly assaulted with the use of a knife and was then pushed from the second floor of a Naif building, after which he lost his life.

An African man, aged 36, has been allegedly assaulted with the use of a knife and was then pushed from the second floor of a Naif building, after which he lost his life.

Dubai Public Prosecution has launched a probe against the Cameroon national’s death and suspects three people that are involved in this crime.


The death was reported by the deceased’s friend, who said that three individuals attacked them while they were having their dinner.

The police in Dubai has formed a CID investigation team as soon as they were informed about the crime and has even arrested a suspect, P.T., who was trying to leave the country from Dubai airport.

The suspect then admitted his crime and said that he went for dinner at a neighbour’s house with his friend and girlfriend.

While everyone was having drinks, one of the men asked the women to prepare dinner as he was feeling hungry, when another one of them interfered and told him to speak politely to the women. After this incident, a quarrel took place between them.

The suspect then held a fork in his hand and attacked the man with that, and the fight continued to a room where the suspect found a knife and stabbed the victim.

Whereas the police records say that the suspect has rejected the blame for stabbing the man or even pushing him off the balcony. He said that the deceased himself jumped off the building.


The police have also detained the other two persons, a man and a woman, who are in relation to this case, but both of them have rejected any of their involvement in this case. The case has now been referred to the public prosecution for further investigation into the death of the victim and the whole incident.


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