UAE Weather: Humidity level could rise to 100% in Dubai, Abu Dhabi during weekend

Humidity levels could hit 100% in United Arab Emirate's Dubai and Abu Dhabi during this weekend, with temperatures set to touch 50°C in Al Ain.

Humidity levels could hit 100% in United Arab Emirate’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi during this weekend, with temperatures set to touch 50°C in Al Ain.

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts humidity levels were top over 80% in a few parts of the nation on Saturday, 18 June and also may be as high as 100% in Dubai and the capital on Sunday, 19 June.


A 100% reading means that the air is completely saturated and is no longer able to soak moisture, not even human sweat, and this disrupts the cooling process.

These humid conditions are particularly due to the warmer seas, that increase evaporation, whereas hotter temperatures on land mean the air absorbs more water.

A further increase in humidity has been coupled with rising temperatures during recent days as the summer season comes in.

While the NCM states that there was a drop of 37°C in Dubai on Saturday, 18 June, temperatures are predicted to hit 44°C in Abu Dhabi and rocket to 50°C in Swiehan, Al Ain.

Other 50°C day is predicted for Al Ain on Sunday, 19 June, with temperatures rising to 40°C in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is well used to rising temperatures, particularly in the highly hot summer months.


During June 2021, temperatures in Swiehan touched at 51.8°C, the highest on Earth that day.

The country witnesses typically many weeks of high humidity and increasing temperatures in early and late summer, with a long dry stretch throughout July and August.

The UAE will be witnessing high temperatures during most of the time this summer the daytime and nights will be particularly colder than the days, which will be a relief for the citizens and residents of the different emirates of the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be witnessing rising temperatures.



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