LuLu Group International launches Humanitarian relief campaign for War-Affected Palestinians

The aid was handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent, with Dr Rami Al Nazer, CEO of the organization, expressing gratitude towards LuLu Group Chairman and Managing Director, MA Yusuffali, for the timely support

Abu Dhabi-based retail giant LuLu Group International has partnered with the Egyptian Red Crescent to provide essential aid to war-affected Palestinians.

The campaign aims to address the urgent needs of those facing dire humanitarian conditions in Palestine.


In a commendable move, LuLu Group’s Egyptian unit has delivered the initial tranche of aid, comprising 50 tonnes of food products, medicines, blankets, and hygiene essentials.

The aid was handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent, with Dr Rami Al Nazer, CEO of the organization, expressing gratitude towards LuLu Group Chairman and Managing Director, MA Yusuffali, for the timely support.

Dr Al Nazer applauded the commitment of the LuLu Group to tailor the aid according to the specific needs and priorities of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

The first batch of relief aid, now en route to El Arish, is slated to undergo standard procedures before reaching its final destination in Palestine.

The collaboration between the Egyptian Red Crescent and LuLu Group highlights a strategic partnership aimed at alleviating the suffering of those affected by the conflict.

Juzer Rupawala, Director (Egypt and Bahrain) of LuLu Group, along with Regional Director Husefa Qureshi and LuLu Egypt Manager Hatim Sayeed, played pivotal roles in the handover of aid.


Sayeed emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating, “We are launching this cooperation because the people of Palestine need our help now more than ever.

This cooperation confirms our social responsibility and solidarity with the people of Palestine during these problematic humanitarian conditions.”

LuLu Group’s commitment to humanitarian causes extends beyond this campaign. The conglomerate is a crucial partner in the UAE’s ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ relief initiative.

Special aid centres have been set up in various LuLu hypermarkets in association with the Emirates Red Crescent to collect and dispatch essential materials.

Moreover, LuLu Group’s philanthropic endeavours are not limited to the current campaign. In a demonstration of solidarity, Lulu Group Bahrain recently donated 25,000 Bahraini dinars to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation to support the Bahrain National Campaign.

These initiatives underscore LuLu Group’s dedication to collaborating with humanitarian agencies across the Gulf region to address critical needs in times of crisis.

The ongoing efforts of LuLu Group International showcase the importance of corporate social responsibility and cross-border collaboration in mitigating the impact of conflicts on vulnerable populations.

As the aid makes its way to Palestine, the collaboration between the LuLu Group and humanitarian organizations stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the harsh realities of war.

LuLu Group’s multifaceted approach to humanitarian relief exemplifies the impactful role that businesses can play in supporting communities during challenging times.

The conglomerate’s involvement in various relief campaigns reinforces the idea that corporate entities, with their resources and networks, can contribute significantly to global efforts aimed at creating a more equitable and compassionate world.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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