Rare partial solar eclipse set to take place in Dubai today

A rare partial solar eclipse is set to take place in Dubai today.

A rare partial solar eclipse is set to take place in Dubai today.

It will be a sight to behold, but you cannot look at the partial solar eclipse with the naked eye.


Eyewear of this kind must be worn to see the rare event.

As for the exact timing of the partial solar eclipse, it will take place between 2 pm and 5 pm.

As per NASA, a solar eclipse transpires when the Moon drives between the Sun and the Earth, launching a shadow on Earth.

An eclipse can fully or partially block the Sun’s light in some areas.

If you are wondering what a partial solar eclipse looks like, the Moon and Sun are not entirely aligned for a partial solar eclipse, so the Moon does not thoroughly cover the Sun.

This effect can give the Sun a crescent shape.


In July, stargazers were lucky enough to see the largest supermoon of 2022.

The supermoon, also directed to as the Buck Moon, was completely visible to the naked eye and illuminated the city in silver moonlight.

As it was the year’s final supermoon, August 12 was also a date that astrology fans noted.

The solar eclipse can be experienced from 4:49 pm to 5:42 pm. The eclipse will begin at 5:12 pm, reaching its maximum at 5:49 pm and ending at 5:55 pm. the eclipse would be visible from 5:14 pm to 5:44 pm, astrophysicists had earlier said.

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