Jessica Biel talks about her “secret Covid baby”!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake had their second baby during the Covid pandemic, which they managed to keep secret, and only revealed it 6 months after the birth of their baby. But now, Jessica Biel clarifies that the couple didn’t want to keep the baby a “secret”.

The actress and model Jessica Biel recently talked about her second pregnancy on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast. During the podcast, Biel told that she had “a secret Covid baby.” She said, “It wasn’t like it was supposed to be a secret. It was just Covid happened and then I went to Montana with my family and never left.”


Recalling her experience of giving birth during the pandemic, Jessica Biel told it meant a lot of uncertainty. “The hospital restrictions had just changed… And there was a moment there that there was nobody allowed at all and I was really getting nervous about that situation.”

Fortunately, Justin was allowed and present there at the time of Biel’s delivery. Jessica told, “But yes, he (Justin) was allowed. I think if I had to be there alone, that would have been horrible. I would have been really scared.”

Jessica Biel gave birth to her second son Phineas in July 2020, which was publicly revealed by Timberlake four months ago in January 2021 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was the first time that the former NSYNC member revealed the name and sex of the baby. At the time, Justin said, “He’s awesome and so cute. Nobody’s sleeping… But we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Very grateful.” Certainly, the news came as a shock to the couple’s fans.

Jessica and Justin Timberlake’s second son Phineas will turn one next one. Their elder son Silas is six years old, who is happy with her younger brother’s presence. Talking about her sons, Jessica told, “The conversations I’m having now with my six-year-old is so cool… Like, he’s a real person saying the funniest stuff and he’s so sensitive and tender. It’s just so interesting to see that part of it happen and the little one is just cute as hell.”


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