Dubai: Woman and her brother sentenced for six months of jail after they kidnapped and robbed her ex-boyfriend

An expat woman and her brother kidnapped her former boyfriend of the woman and robbed him, after which they both were sentenced to six months in prison.

An expat woman and her brother kidnapped her former boyfriend of the woman and robbed him, after which they both were sentenced to six months in prison.

As per the details of the case, the African woman kidnapped and held her ex-boyfriend with the help of her brother. They robbed his phone and wallet, which had around Dh7,700, as they caught him.


The case goes back to November 2021, when an African national reported to the police with the details of his kidnapping, assault as well as forced robbery by his ex-girlfriend and her brother.

As per his statement, he got a call from his ex-girlfriend, who asked him to visit her at her house. When he reached there, he was caught and tied up by her brother and one other person who were already at her residence. He further added that his wallet and mobile phone were also robbed by them.

He kept shouting for help inside the apartment, and after 30 minutes, the accused girl’s brother decided to take him to Sharjah.

As he was being taken to Sharjah, the accused stopped in front of a grocery store to buy water as the victim had asked for it. Hence, the victim took the advantage of this moment and ran away from the spot with the vehicle and reported the whole incident to the police.

The woman and her brother were caught in the same apartment where they both had carried out this wrongdoing.

During the police investigation, the woman and her brother confessed their crime and said that they called the victim to their residence and then tied him up and robbed him forcefully. She further added that she wanted to take revenge from him for allegedly financially tricking her mother when she was in a relationship with him.

Tariq Saeed

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