Dubai residents can now know their water and electricity consumption with smart tool

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has launched a new tool that will allow citizens to comprehend their consumption patterns quickly and help them lessen their utility bills.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has launched a new tool that will allow citizens to comprehend their consumption patterns quickly and help them lessen their utility bills.

The Self-Assessment Tool introduced as part of DEWA’s Smart Living initiative includes a survey on water and electricity consumption for consumers to assess their consumption and learn about new and different conservation methods.

After the assessment is done, DEWA consumers get a detailed report on their water and electricity consumption and get customised tips to lessen water consumption.

The initiative utilises a proactive mechanism during interaction with consumers who have smart water meters and electricity.

It allows the residents of Dubai to observe their consumption through a personal dashboard and will get daily, monthly and yearly consumption reports.

The managing director and CEO of Dewa, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, “As part of our idea to evolve a globally leading sustainable, creative corporation and our efforts to support the Smart Dubai initiative, we harness disruptive technologies and Fourth Industrial Revolution applications to give smart and creative services that make the consumers’ life easy.”

“These also allow them to boost the efficiency of their electricity and water consumption, notice leakage and repair interruptions without coming in contact with Dewa.”

He further explained that Dewa would give all abilities to enhance the culture of conservation and sustainability and will also increase awareness of all society members about their responsibility toward the protection and preservation of natural resources.

As a result of awareness drives, DEWA has increased savings of around 2.2 TWh of electricity and 5.6 billion gallons of water from 2012 to 2021. This equals Dh1.2 billion and lessens 1.1 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Other than that, under the Smart Response initiative, DEWA provides the high-water utilisation alert to help consumers detect leakages in water connections after the meter.

Till March 2022, this service has saved around 8 billion gallons of water and has also saved the customers more than Dh 500 million.


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