SNP criticised after alleged apologist for Iranian Regime being elected to followership role

Ali Salamati, a councillor in East Kilbride, has been accused of being an Iranian regime apologist despite the country's controversy.

Ali Salamati, a councillor in East Kilbride, has been accused of being an Iranian regime apologist despite the country’s controversy.

The SNP has come under fire after an apparent Iranian regime apologist was appointed to a critical party role during their gathering at Aberdeen in Scotland.


Ali Salamati, a councillor in East Kilbride, stood not opposing the SNP’s Policy Development Committee and Conduct Appeals Committee(PDCCAC).

But his election was by the Scottish Tories, who showed evidence that he sympathised with the controversial Iranian Regime.

Demonstrations have been breaking out across the country to demand change in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman who died in police custody last month.

It has led to unrest across the country after the 22-year-old was detained for allegedly wearing the mandatory Islamic headscarf too loosely.

Protestors have pointed to several human and women rights violations in the Middle East, where women are forced to wear headscarves.

Salamati has been indicted of being a wrongdoer for the Iranian power due to several events which he is apprehended to be followed.


He attended the controversial Quds rally in central London and has also shared a post on Facebook praising Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif for defending the country’s right to pursue a missile programme.

Salamati 2020 participated in an online conference to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, when religious hardliners took over Iran and transformed it into a hardline theocracy.

His apparent support for Iran passes in the face of Nicola Sturgeon’s solidarity with women who are involved in protesting in Iran.

In addition, she said in her SNP conference speech: “To women in Iran fighting for basic human rights, we stand with you.”

Sharon Dowey, Scottish Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, said the appointment undermined the first minister’s comment.

She told the Scottish publication: “This election is sure to raise eyebrows, especially given the widespread protests against the Iranian Regime. “


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