Jordan: Hashemite University Prez emphasizes
Jordan: Hashemite University Prez emphasizes "Trust based cyber protection sytem" (image credits Facebook)

Jordan: The President of Hashemite University, Mr Fawaz Abdel Haq Al-Zaboun, has recently confirmed the discussion of the master’s message to the student Sufyan Al-Zaboon entitled “Trust-based cyber protection system to secure transactions in the cloud market” during his presence at the University.

According to the recent updates shared on the official social media handle of Hashemite University, it was stated that the program is based on the importance of gaining information security and artificial intelligence in modern digital life. 


It was further stressed that the program has a significant necessity of contributing scientific research in protecting the use of computer systems.

Jordan: Hashemite University Prez emphasizes “Trust based cyber protection sytem”

Furthermore, during his visit to the Hashemite University, President Fawaz Abdel Haq Al-Zaboun outlined that it is also essential to use such a program in protecting the information of individuals in electronic transactions, which is one of the inevitable part of the cloud market and developing new policies to protect users.

In addition, “The discussion committee is composed of the members of Professor Dr Osama Al-Harfoshi, an external examiner from the University of Jordan, Professor Dr Ibrahim Obaidat and Dr Bashar Al-Khawaldah, and this message is under the supervision of Professor Dr Ayoub Al-Sarhan,” said the reports.

Jordan: Hashemite University Prez emphasizes “Trust based cyber protection sytem”

Moreover, it was said that the Dean of the Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II College of Information Technology, Dr Khaled Al-Sarayrah, stressed the importance of opening modern programs related to the use of artificial intelligence in a variety of aspects of life, which is most important to protect user information.

On his part, Professor Dr Ayoub Al-Sarhan also emphasized the importance of cyber security in protecting information technology and developing new policies to protect electronic transactions and protect digital transformation from malware that will limit the development of electronic life.

It is noteworthy that this message is the first letter of a master in Jordanian colleges and universities that uses artificial intelligence in his book the content of the message touched upon how to protect electronic transactions.



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