Daesh gunmen kill 11 Iraqi soldiers in Bagdad brazen attack

This attack was carried out in the Al-Azim district of the Baqouba, Diyala province.

According to the Iraqi security official, the Daesh terrorist group’s gunmen attacked an army barracks in the mountainous region of Bagdad and have killed around 11 Iraqi soldiers. The attack happened on Thursday, and the soldiers were sleeping.

Reportedly, the attack situation was not immediately clear. Later, two Iraqi officials made it clear that the terrorist group entered the barracks at 3 am local time and killed the soldiers.


This attack was carried out in the Al-Azim district of the Baqouba, Diyala province.

The Iraqi authority has informed that the paratroops have been sent to the village to evaluate the situation after the attack, on Friday. It further assured that the security forces had been deployed near the village for the safety of residents and the soldiers.

Iraq’s military has not shared any comment related to this attack, and more details on the attack are being awaited.

In recent months, the brazen attack was one of the deadliest attacks on the Iraqi military. It was more than 120 kilometres (75 miles) north of the nation’s capital city – Bagdad.

In 2017, the terrorist group was defeated mainly by the Israeli government, but after that, it remained active through the sleeper cells in various areas across the nation. The group still conduct operations against the country and are often seen targeting the security forces, power stations and other infrastructures.

In October, the militants attacked the predominantly Shiite village in the Diyala province with the help of machine guns. Around 11 people were killed during this attack, and many more were severely injured. At that time, the officials said that the attack was carried out because the militants kidnapped some villagers, and their demands for ransom were ignored.

Tariq Saeed

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