Dominica: Govt signs agreement with CDM to enhance and upgrade Champagne Beach Facility

The government of Dominica signed an agreement with the CARICOM Development Fund(CDF) at the cost of USD 558,000 to upgrade the Champagne Beach Facility.

The government of Dominica signed an agreement at the cost of USD 558,000 with the CARICOM Development Fund(CDF) to enhance and upgradation of the Champagne Beach Facility. It is being seen as a very significant development for the tourism industry of Dominica.

The agreement was signed by Dr Irving Mclntyre, Dominca’s Minister for Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security and Rodinald Soomer, Chief Executive Officer of CARICOM Development Fund.


CDF is an institution of Caribbean countries and facilitates Financial and technical aid to member states.

Champagne Beach Facility aims to improve the basic amenities, facilities, services etc., to enhance the visitor’s experience and make their visit more memorable.

Moreover, the project will create entrepreneurship opportunities. It is worth mentioning that Champagne Beach is a famous location to experience the adventure activites like diving and snorkelling. It falls in the Southern Village of Pointe Michel.

The basement area of Champagne Beach Facility will cater the need for a reception with vending units, lockers, changing rooms, and spa services. However, the upper portion will be used to accommodate the restaurant,bar, washrooms, and an open space for dinner, along with space to have recreational and entertainment activities.

Dr. Irving McIntyre, Speaking specifically on this occasion, stated that, “This would not only improve  the experience of visitors but will generate employment from the construction phase to the operational stage. It will open gates for our local  entrepreneurs. Spaces dedicated to art, crafts, and culinary delights will gives opportunity to talented Dominicans to showcase their skills and contribute to vibrant tourism ecosystem of country. In short, there will be important benefits for neighbouring communities and tourism  industry stakeholders, island-wide,”

The Chief executive officer of CDF also shared his views and said that the project will serve the needs of Dominica’s development priorities.


He further added that “the Dominica government had requested to allocate a portion of a grant from the CDF towards this Beach project and to keep reserve of the balancing grant for geothermal energy project.”

While speaking further, the CEO mentioned that “this may be a small start of the project, but even then, it is one of the significant start, and we are expecting that it will lead us to sign more agreements with the Government to make their resources available for completion of the ten-megawatt geothermal plant is short order.”



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