UAE Weather: People in Northern part of country witnessed more rain on Sunday

More rain on Sunday afternoon, August 7, lashed a few parts of the Northern United Arab Emirates, with the wet weather predicted to stretch till night.

More rain on Sunday afternoon, August 7, lashed a few parts of the Northern United Arab Emirates, with the wet weather predicted to stretch till night.

Heavy rain showers were recorded in Ajman around 4:20 pm, as reported by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Furthermore, slight rainfall was also reported in parts of Sharjah.

The weather department stated that convective cloud formations above some Eastern regions could lead to rain showers.

Downpours hit northern regions of the Emirates as officials issued a weather alert after Winds of around 45 km per hour could result in sand and dust in the air, causing reduced visibility.

The yellow alert from the weather department extended till 8 pm and called for individuals to stay aware of the unsettled weather conditions when outside their homes.

Moreover, an orange notice was also issued for areas near Fujairah, which asked people to be prepared for hazy weather conditions.

Recently, the Northern Emirates witnessed its largest amount of rain showers in three decades last week, which resulted in widespread flooding in which seven people lost their lives, with more than 800 being rescued. Al Ain was also hit by rain showers in recent days.

After the flash floods, which hit the country last week, people are devastated as it caused widespread destruction of vehicles and homes, pushing people to approach insurance companies in order to get their insurance covered.

UAE authorities are also being careful about the weather conditions after massive rainfall followed by floods hit the country.


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