President Sheikh Mohamed met with Emirati students and doctors based in France

President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed, met with Emirati students and doctors who are residing in France during the second day of his first state visit.

President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed, met with Emirati students and doctors who are residing in France during the second day of his first state visit.

He was accompanied by the Minister of State for Youth, Shamma Al Mazrui, who introduced him to the students attending different universities in France.


Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan asked them to strive for academic excellence in their particular fields, which he said would allow them to contribute to the country’s growth.

Sheikh Mohamed stated that the students who are studying abroad have an essential role of being ambassadors for their home country, which includes demonstrating the values of co-existence, tolerance and intercultural dialogue that support the Emirati community.

He stated that the UAE leadership links a great deal of significance to Emirati students, whether studying abroad or in the UAE, and is willing to provide every citizen with different means that help them achieve and realise their academic aspirations.

The students thanked UAE president for the services and support that the UAE provides to help them get their highest grades.

The Emirati President also met many Emirati doctors based in France and worked alongside their French colleagues on the front lines in medical centres as well as hospitals during COVID.

He spoke of his pride in having these doctors and students represent the UAE, describing them as exemplary ambassadors who exemplify the nation’s values and its willingness to increase cooperation and solidarity in all situations.


The meeting was followed by a delegation of senior officials and ministers.

Sheikh Mohamed finished his state visit to Paris on Tuesday, July 19, and thanked Emmanuel Macron and issued a joint statement calling for action on pressing worldwide issues.

The leader of UAE departed from Orly airport on Tuesday, July 19, after attending an event at the Arc de Triomphe and discussions with French leaders.

Tariq Saeed

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