Sheikh Hamdan announces inaugural of Dubai Metaverse Assembly in September

Dubai will conduct an event focused on the metaverse, with international and local leaders attending to discuss the potential of ascending digital space.

Dubai will conduct an event focused on the metaverse, with international and local leaders attending to discuss the potential of ascending digital space.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, announced the inaugural of the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, which will take place on September 28 and 29 at the Museum of the Future and Emirates Tower.


The assembly will lure over 300 experts, policymakers, officials, and 40 organisations involved in the metaverse. More than 100 workshops will be hosted at this event.

Sheikh Hamdan stated, “The metaverse is a profitable digital world. We seek to harness this technology to improve the quality of life in the UAE and worldwide.”

The announcement of Sheikh Hamdan comes a day after revealing the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which strives to make 40,000 jobs and add $4 billion to the economy of the UAE in the coming five years.

The metaverse is a digital space where people are represented by their avatars (three-dimensional likenesses) who can interact in the virtual world. It is part of the World Wide Web and is the next evolutionary step of the internet.

In May 2022, Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), launched under the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Law, which was the first such law in the UAE, stated it had found its Metaverse HQ, making it the first regulator to have a presence in online space.


Sheikh Hamdan stated that the assembly “embodies the vision” that Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, has for the emirate to become a worldwide hub for innovation and futuristic transformations and an essential driver for digital and knowledge-based economies around the world”, said the statement.

The assembly will present reports, strategies, and action plans that lay out the way forward for maximising the effect of the metaverse on society in the virtual and real worlds.

Dubai is all set to harness this promising virtual world to become the fastest city to adopt its applications and welcome its potential, said Sheikh Hamdan in a tweet.

Tariq Saeed

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