UAE’s starts distributing food in 4 nations under One Billion Meals initiative

United Arab Emirates has already commenced distributing food essentials to the needy people in countries such as - Lebanon, India, Jordan, Tajikistan, & Kyrgyzstan, under its "One Billion Meals initiative." 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: United Arab Emirates has already commenced distributing food essentials to the needy people in countries such as – Lebanon, India, Jordan, Tajikistan, & Kyrgyzstan, under its “One Billion Meals initiative.” 

The tweet of Dubai Media House cites, “The 1 Billion Meals initiative, which aims to provide food support to the underprivileged & undernourished in 50 countries, announces that it has started distributing foodstuffs, & food parcels in Lebanon, India, Jordan, Tajikistan, & Kyrgyzstan.” 


Meanwhile, the UAE government providing the information on the matter stated, “FBRN has started distributing long-term food items & food parcels with storable ingredients to the beneficiaries of the 1 Billion Meals initiative. Whereas MBRCH is distributing food parcels which contains ining basic staples such as flour, rice, oil, sugar and dates to beneficiaries.” 

The donation in the initiative is being provided by the individuals, institutions, companies, businessmen and frontiersperson of charity and humanitarian work, with the motive to assist those who are actually in need without any discrimination. 

“Donors can contribute to – One Billion Meals campaign via the following donation channels – that is – the campaign’s official website –, bank transfer to the account at – Emirates NBD, number: – AE300260001015333439802. Donors can also opt to donate AED1 a day through a monthly subscription by sending “Meal” or “وجبة” via – SMS to 1020 on the du network or 1110 on the Etisalat network. Donations can also be made through the campaign’s call centre via a toll-free number 8009999,” the government’s official website further informs. 

The food initiative was launched at the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan (April) and was organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI).   

While launching the initiative, the Vice President as well as the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, its Minister of Defence, & the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, enlighting about the initiative, tweeted, “With the blessing of God, we are launching today the Billion Meals campaign.. the largest campaign to feed food and fight hunger in fifty countries around the world. Ramadan is the month of fasting in which we feel the suffering of 800 million individuals who go to bed hungry every day.”


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