UAE sent essential food items aid to Sudan amid Ramadan

Government of the United Arab Emirates has lent a hand of help to the people of Sudan during the time of Ramadan to provide them with essential food items.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Government of the United Arab Emirates has lent a hand of help to the people of Sudan during the time of Ramadan to provide them with essential food items. A total of five (5) planes containing hundreds of tonnes of critical food supplies have been sent to Sudan. 

With this assistance, the states of Khartoum, South Kordofan, Kassala, Blue Nile, River Nile, Al Jazirah and Northern will be getting the benefit, which is almost thousands of families of Sudan. 


The Mother of the Nation – Sheikha Fatima, gave the order the basic supplies as well as Ramadan necessities to be sent to the needy families of Sudan, who have been severely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent – Dr Mohammed Ateeq Al Falahi, appreciated the concern and step taken by 

Sheikha Fatima in endorsing humanitarian work at both – regional as well as international levels.  

Following the above statement, he then added that ERC would be coordinating with the United Arab Emirates embassy in Khartoum and local partners in Sudan to provide the assistance. 

On the other hand, Hamad Mohamed Hamad Al Junaibi – the UAE’s Ambassador to Sudan, also praised the efforts of Sheikh Fatima, saying she is helping the vulnerable and needy population of Sudan by providing them with basic needs. 

“Sheikha Fatima’s aristocratic initiative is being executed for the third consecutive year as part of a series of Emirati initiatives in Sudan,” underscored Hamad Al Junaibi. 




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