Dubai: Housemaid helped her employer to overcome drug addiction by informing police

A housemaid in Dubai, UAE, helped her employer to overcome her painkiller addiction after she told the woman's mother who then sought help from Dubai Police.

A housemaid in Dubai, UAE, helped her employer to overcome her drug addiction after she told the woman’s mother who then sought help from Dubai Police.

The woman, aged 26, got into drug addiction after becoming involved with individuals who negatively impacted her life.


The young woman is divorced and lives with her 6-year-old son and a housemaid in Dubai, away from her family.

She reached the line where she was about to collapse, and the housemaid felt that she should not take any more chances.

After the maid told the woman’s mother about her daughter’s condition and her addiction to painkillers, the mother contacted an affiliate of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics Department in Dubai Police, Hemaya International Centre, to seek help.

The family knew about the present changes made to the Emirate’s Drug Law that allowed drug addicts to avoid any legal punishment if they voluntarily provided themselves up to the police.

The director of Hemaya International Centre, Col Abdullah Al Khayat, said that the woman was a top pupil at the university and graduated with a very high score.

Col Al Khayat said that she had a successful marriage till she met a group of friends who were involved in drugs.


She used to tell them about her family-related problems, and they used to provoke her to take drugs, and she ended her marriage in all these problems.

After she got divorced, she insisted that she stay with her son and the maid, away from her family, to hide her addiction.

Some drugs cause a person to have hallucinations, making them hear and see unusual things.

The mother of the woman took her to the Hemaya International Centre, where specialists referred her for rehab and treatment.

Article 89 of the UAE New Anti-Narcotics Law limits addicts from legal punishment if they give themselves up voluntarily to the police.

Tariq Saeed


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