Lina Rinna is shocked and nervous about her daughter Amelia dating Scott Disick!

In the recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lina Rinna revealed how she feels about her daughter Amelia Hamlin dating the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum Scott Disick.

Lina opened up about the topic to Erika Girardi in a car. She began with saying, “On another note, we can talk about my daughter, who is linked to a guy named Scott Disick. And I was like, ‘Okay, come on, right? Like, come on.'”


Rinna told that she came to know about her daughter, who turned 20 last month, being involved with 37 years old Scott Disick through newspaper, when she was reading headlines about her divorce from Tom Girardi. When she read the news about her daughter’s new relationship, she was shocked, but her daughter Amelia told her that they were just friends.

“And then, I guess, a couple days ago, Amelia sends me a video of Amelia and Scott on the beach,” said Lina. Confirming about Amelia and Scott’s relationship to Erika, Lina sounded sad and called their romance a “what the f— moment!”

“She’s 19, he’s 37 with three kids. Hello!” exclaimed Lina. She added, “I only know Scott Disick from the Kardashians and Scott was with Kourtney [Kardashian], not married. They have three children… Oh, God.”

Considering that Amelia and Scott are getting serious, Erika told Lina that she was nervous about their relationship, to which Lina said she was “a lot serious” about the situation. However, Lisa told Erika that she thinks it’s just a “phase” for the couple and that she didn’t “want to bring attention to it.”

Erika also asked Lina about what her husband Harry Hamlin agrees to their daughter dating Scott Disick, Lina told that Harry is “more calm” about it. Lina answered Erika’s questions saying, “Yeah, he does. You know, Harry was with Ursula [Andress] when she was 44 and he was 28.”

Later in the episode, the other members of the show chimed in their views. With her mates, Lisa jokingly said, “I have a question for everybody… When I meet Scott Disick for the first time, do I need to call him ‘Lord’?”





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