Egypt: Minister of Culture Nevine Al Kilani honours actors at UTYS
Egypt: Minister of Culture Nevine Al Kilani honours actors at UTYS (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Culture, Nevine Al Kilani, witnessed the closing ceremony, distributed the awards for “University Theatre Youth Seasons”, and honoured the stars who participated in the events. The event was held at Al-Hanagar Square under the slogan “Return of the Spirit.”

According to the updates, during the award distribution ceremony, Ain Shams University wins first and second places in the show “The Family”, trees die standing “, and a night of Vigil” wins third place.


The event was held in its fifth session, over ten days, with the participation of 96 theatre performances from Cairo universities, Ain Shams, Future, Helwan, Al-Azhar, Minya, and the Academy of the Arts.

Where Ain Shams University won first and second places in the show “The Family” and “The Trees Die Standing” and third place in front of “Night” by Cairo University came, director Mohammed Khalafawi won the award for the best director of the exhibition “The family”, and the award for the Best Actor in the first role went to “Saeed Salman” for the display “The Aila”, and Ahmed Abbas about the show “Witching Night.”

The officials also added that the award for best actress went to Mira Mikhail for the show “Trees Die Standing” and Habiba Zeytoun for “The Accident.”

Furthermore, the best actor award was given to Ahmed Saad for the dual role in the show “Ghosts” at Cairo University and Youssef Khattab for the show “Banquet” at Helwan University.

And the award for the best actress of the dual role went to Munasifa to Hagar Al-Sayed for the family show, and Yousra Yousri for the “Banquet” show. On the other hand, Mahmoud Salah won the award for the best decoration for the “Trees Die Standing” show, and Verona Shukri for the “Banquet” show.

The jury also awarded special certificates of appreciation to Naira Younes for the makeup of the “Banquet” show, Mahmoud Al-Husseini for the lighting in the “Ghosts” show, and Mahmoud Shahadah for the music of the “Banquets” show.


In the acting category, the jury awarded a certificate of appreciation to Rami Saber for the “Fourth and a Half” show. It also cited a certificate of recognition for teamwork for the “Ghost” show.

On her part, the Minister of Culture, Al Kilani, honoured a number of university theatre stars such as director Hisham Atwa, artists Yasser Al-Tubaji, Muhammad Radwan, Hossam Dagher, Muhammad Abdelrahman, and Mustafa Khater.

“The University Theatre Stars Seasons Festival contributed to the return of the spirit to the university theatre, which introduced top stars such as Salah Al-Saadni, Adel Imam, Samir Ghanem, Yahya Al-Fakharani, Muhammad Henedi, and others who have influenced the artistic movement with their hard-working inventions in our minds,” said the minister.

In addition, Abu Al-Hassan thanked the Minister of Culture for her outstanding support to talented young people and her constant guidance by providing all opportunities in front of them, providing grants and training programs to sharpen their talents and encourage them to creativity and excellence.

He also thanked the president and founder of the festival Khaled Jalal for his role in establishing this wonderful art project and his return to the University Theatre for his role in discovering more artistic talents of the youth of universities; the future stars also thanked the jury and the viewing committee for their efforts throughout the festival.

On his part, director Khaled Jalal, head of the cultural production sector, president and founder of the Seasons, confirmed that the Seasons became the public window from which talents can view the stage with the increasing interest from the Ministry of Culture in the youth profile in all artistic and cultural spheres.

He also referred to the voices of the youth that echoed throughout ten days – it is days Festival – knew its way to the audience, which will inevitably mention the creators of them and motivate them to continue the path.

Notably, the festival gives the three first-place winners a chance to perform at the Art Creativity Center in Cairo, to be the beginning of a new generation of theatre innovators.

Tariq Saeed


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