Abu Dhabi police issue weather alert as UAE wakes up to overcast skies

Police in UAE's Abu Dhabi have issued a safety alert to motorists after dusty conditions on Tuesday morning, July 26, caused low visibility.

Police in UAE’s Abu Dhabi have issued a safety alert to motorists after dusty conditions on Tuesday morning, July 26, caused low visibility.

Motorists were urged to drive safely during the ‘high winds and dust’ for ‘your safety and the safety of pedestrians’.


Abu Dhabi Police reminded the citizens and residents not to take photos and videos of the hazy weather or use their phones while driving.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a similar warning as people in the Emirates woke up to overcast skies.

The weather centre has called on the motorists to slow down and leave sufficient space between vehicles in times of reduced visibility.

The NCM also stated that the public must stay away from wadis and prevent going to the sea amid rough weather conditions.

Rain showers were witnessed in the Al Ain region on Tuesday morning and also during the night in Fujairah as an unsettled start to the summer persisted.

Rain and thunder are forecasted for the UAE and Oman in the forthcoming days.


A weather front from northern India and Pakistan is forecasted to reach Muscat on Tuesday and will arrive in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in early Wednesday.

Heavy rain showers are predicted to fall in Fujairah on Tuesday and Wednesday, with temperatures dropping below 29°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology of the UAE stated that rainfall and lower temperatures are expected to expand to coastal and western regions.

Light to heavy rain along with lightning and thunder at times are expected in some regions.

Moderate to strong winds will blow dust, causing poor visibility for motorists on the road.

The UAE has been witnessing an unsettled weather since the start of this summer season, and as per the forecasters, the condition of weather will continue in the coming days.

Tariq Saeed


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