UAE records 1,298 COVID-19 cases on Monday; lowest in last six weeks

The United Arab Emirates has recorded 1,298 new coronavirus cases on Monday, July 25, which is its lowest number of cases reported in the last six weeks.

The United Arab Emirates has recorded 1,298 new coronavirus cases on Monday, July 25, which is its lowest number of cases reported in the last six weeks.

Another 1,157 people recovered from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, and recent deaths related to the virus have been recorded.


The UAE has announced a total of 984,267 cases, with 984,267 cases and 2,332 deaths till date.

The new cases were found due to an additional 157,949 PCR tests done in the Emirates.

Over 176 million PCR tests have been conducted in the United Arab Emirates since the beginning of the pandemic.

Daily cases are falling gradually this month after a rise in infections during the last month.

On July 3, the number of cases topped 1,800, having dropped less than 200 during early May but has now stayed under 1,500 for the last 11 days.

The UAE has taken measures to thwart the spread of the virus by adopting essential safety protocols, overseeing mass screening and vaccination drives, and by supporting health services in their steps to deliver proper treatment to patients.


A significant study looking at over 11,000 patients in the Emirates has shown the efficacy of sotrovimab in averting people from falling severely ill with the COVID-19 virus.

The study was conducted on patients at the Government of Dubai clinics and hospitals, and it was discovered that the monoclonal antibody by cloning a special white blood cell was better than the antiviral drug favipiravir at controlling the people from requiring hospital treatment.

Like the US Food and Drug Administration, the authorities of United Arab Emirates authorised the usage of sotrovimab during mid-2021. This was based as per the results of an earlier international clinical trial in which about 300 patients administered the drug were compared with an identical number.


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