Philip J Pierre calls for Collective action at COP28

Philip J Pierre, The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, addressed the world leaders at COP28 Summit in Dubai.

Philip J Pierre, The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, addressed the world leaders at the recently held COP28 Summit in Dubai. He called upon world leaders to make collective efforts to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

As Caribbean nations are most vulnerable to any climatic change effect, Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J Pierre highlighted the issue of climate change along with many other environmental-related issues at COP28. COP(Conference of Parties) is holding its 28th session in the world-famous city of Dubai.


He said that the time has come to take immediate and collective steps against the ill effects of climate change. He also said that this is not the responsibility of any particular country or region. Rather, all the regions and countries have to join hands. According to him, every year the challenge is growing and challenging the human existence on earth.

Prime Minster Philip J Pierre also called the world leaders to bring the strictest laws and regulations for the protection of the environment. He also urged that every human activity must be sustainable development oriented.

Speking further, PM Philip J Pieree appreciated the steps taken by the United Arab Emirates and Germany, which are necessary for minimising the damage to the environment.

He also underscored that the developed nation must lead the movement as flag bearers. While comparing the financial conditions of CARICOM stated with the international market, he said that the financial position of developing states needs more support to take more climate-friendly initiatives.

It is to be specifically mentioned that PM Philip j Pierre again advocated his idea of “People First” at this global Stage of COP. He said that People must be placed first before Regional bias and economic disparity.

The PM also encouraged the world leaders to take on the board Taiwan being a part of the global community.


Notably climate change has forced the international community to come forward at single platform. COP is step taken by internation commmuninty in this direction. The UN and its allied agencies are also taking many steps to build A strong alliance at the world level to address the problem of change.

Tariq Saeed


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