UAE restructures major changes in country’s education sector

The United Arab Emirates had revealed a new change at the Ministry of Education as they chose new ministers and also briefed about re-evaluating how young students are taught.

The United Arab Emirates had revealed a new change at the Ministry of Education as they chose new ministers and also briefed about re-evaluating how young students are taught.

The Ruler and Vice President of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid stated that the changes aim to assure that graduates are well prepared for their careers in future.


Sheikh Mohammed posted on his official Twitter handle, “The education sector today is not the same as yesterday, and our dreams today are not like yesterday.”

He prepared out structural changes around the education sector, with more focus towards improving state schools and the development of children at an early age.

The current Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Ahmed Al Falasi, has now been chosen as Minister of Education who be overseeing private and public schools and universities in the country.

An engineer, Sarah Al Amiri, who had earlier led the country’s space agency, including sending a probe to the planet of Mars and an astronaut to the International Space Station, will oversee public education and how young students are taught about modern technology. Ms Al Amiri is presently the Minister of State for Advanced Sciences.

Sheikh Mohammed confirmed the position of Ms Al Amiri as Minister of State for Public Education and Future Technology as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Schools Establishment.

Ms Al Amiri has also been asked to make an integrated and comprehensive plan to elevate public schools.


Sheikh Mohammed wrote on Twitter, “After consultation with my brother, President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we declare a major structural change in the UAE’s education sector today.”

“We selected Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi as the Minister of Education. We directed him to check all legislations and policies related to the education system in our country.”

Tariq Saeed


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