Students from various campus came together to witness a day of fun at BITS Pilani campus, Dubai

A lot of fun was witnessed at Spectrum 22, as around 150 students of determination from about seven schools came together for a day of games and fun at the BITS Pilani campus, Dubai.

A lot of fun was witnessed at Spectrum 22, as around 150 students of determination from about seven schools came together for a day of games and fun at the BITS Pilani campus, Dubai.

The event was recently organised by the social and environment club of BITS Pilani and is coming back after two years of the pandemic.

The post-pandemic event witnessed students from Rashid Centre for students of Determination, Awladouna Center, SNF Special Needs Future Development Center, Sharjah Autism Center, Manzil Centre – Sharjah, Senses Residential and Day Care For Special Needs, and Tender Hearts Arena enjoying cultural activities, games and treats galore.

The event strives to create a culture of empathy and inclusivity among students so that people of determination grow up to be contributing segments of society.

A computer science engineering student at BITS Pilani, Sandhya Gupta, studying in the fourth year of the degree course, said, “It was such a fun-filled day for these kids. It is so peaceful to watch them sing, play, dance, and be themselves.”

She stated that every student is blessed with something special such as painting, creative arts etc.

“Many have got good drawing skills. One day we may see one of these become a great painter,” said Gupta.

Mayank, who is another pupil at BITS Pilani, stated he was involved in an event like this for the first time, and it was a fantastic experience.

“We must be thankful for whatever we have”, he said.

The faculty in charge of the social and environment club, Dr Geetha, stated, “We commit this day to children of determination, loaded with fun activities, laughter, and joy. The event strives to spread awareness about people with special needs while helping increase bonding and interaction among scholars of various campuses and our students.”

The children underwent a great experience at different fun pits-stops like the balloon pit, face painting counter, basketball, indoor football field, and bowling, as a cheerful playlist of songs kept them company.


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