Abu Dhabi Police hosts dialogue to enhance Statistical System Development 
Abu Dhabi Police hosts dialogue to enhance Statistical System Development  || image credits Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police recently participated in a dialogue session at the Abu Dhabi Statistical Centre. The dialogue session was aimed at and focused on boosting cooperation between the Centre and the public and private sectors in developing the statistical system in the UAE.

According to recent information, officials from the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police have contacted its official social media handle to share several glimpses of the event. The update shared by the Abu Dhabi Police read that the session oversaw a number of essential discussions to find ways to enhance the relationship between the public and private sectors.


In addition, it was also stated that during the meeting, Colonel Jasim Mohammed Al-Harmoudi, Deputy Director of the Centre for Institutional Strategy and Development, confirmed the interest of Abu Dhabi Police in strengthening the partnership between both sectors. 

He further emphasized that a significant way of improving the bond between private and public sectors would be achieved by maintaining constructive communication and extending bridges of positive cooperation with various governmental and private partners.

The reports have clarified that the meeting was considered a strategic platform to upgrade the framework for collecting and issuing reports and statistical data at the level of Abu Dhabi according to best practices and global standards. 

Furthermore, to ensure that accurate and reliable statistics meet the requirements of all users across their sectors were also discussed.

The dialogue session also aimed to support Abu Dhabi’s trends towards sustainable development and strategic planning based on accurate data and reliable statistics.

It was notable that in the first session, the presenter Mohammed Hamoud Al-Afari, Director of the Central Statistical Department of the General Command of Police, participated and presented the capabilities of the Abu Dhabi Police and its human skills in preparing statistical indicators of administrative records, systems, massive databases, documents and methodologies required to reach advanced statistical maturity stages.

Tariq Saeed