UAE: Abu Dhabi Police, Civil Defence issues warning on crowding at fire and accident sites
UAE: Abu Dhabi Police, Civil Defence issues warning on crowding at fire and accident sites || image credits: Abu Dhabi Police (Facebook)

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Police Force and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority has recently issued an advisory warning of the danger of crowding at the sites of fires and accidents. The officials have called it one of the rejected negative behaviours that impede the access of ambulances, emergency vehicles, traffic patrols and civil defence vehicles. 

According to the shared information, it has been reported that the Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority strictly criticize such irresponsible behaviour. In addition, the reports also mentioned that the issued warnings instruct the prohibiting of crowding at such sites. 


Furthermore, the officials also noted that Less crowding would be helpful in transportation as quickly as possible to carry out its duty of providing humanitarian assistance to the injured and saving their lives, said reports.

The Abu Dhabi Police further called on the need and significance of allowing ambulances and civil defence vehicles to reach the accident sites to perform their humanitarian duties in rescuing the injured. 

“It is clear that the crowd usually leads to some accidents as a result of some vehicle drivers standing at the accident sites and the curious pedestrian crossing different roads to the accident sites, oblivious of the movement of vehicles, which leads to them being run over accidents.” Reports noted.

The authorities urged the local public to participate positively by adhering to traffic guidelines at accident sites to keep their safety and the safety of road users warned against the application of violation (impediment of traffic “crowded” during accidents) worth 1000 dirhams to reduce crowding and random parking of vehicles on the roads at traffic accidents and prevent traffic jams at places the accident happened.

It was also said that crowding curious people at traffic accident sites, photographing vehicles involved in accidents and injured people and posting photos on social media is unacceptable behaviour that brings their owners to legal accountability.


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