Wellx – UAE’s first one-of-its-kind insurance platform

Wellx, established by Javed Akberali and Vaibhav Kashyap this year, is the United Arab Emirates' one of its kind Insurtech platform that rewards people for completing their health and lifestyle goals.

Wellx, established by Javed Akberali and Vaibhav Kashyap this year, is the United Arab Emirates’ one of its kind Insurtech platform that rewards people for completing their health and lifestyle goals.

The company utilises cutting-edge data analytics tools to hyper-personalise the health experience for people and corporate entities.


The startup born out of the Covid-19 pandemic has collaborated with new-gen technology companies, STEPPI & WHOOP, to follow and observe individuals’ physical activities.

Co-founder and Managing Director (MD) of Wellx, Akberali, told about his experience of starting this company and said, The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a different view towards well-being and has also brought to the forefront the fragility of human life.

Wellness has become a priority and has even eclipsed financial security for most people. He said that the idea of starting Wellx came about from a passion for infusing health within the financial services space.

According to him, “Health Insurance was the perfect way to get in the field. We set out to make an insurance proportion that provides protection and helps improve the day-day lives of people. We wanted to develop a wellness experience that focuses on building healthier, happier and more resilient communities.

Insurance allows us to make it happen. Encouraged by the UAE leadership’s drive to create a healthier country via initiatives like the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, we think the time and place for a solution like this is here and now,” he said.

The co-founder and CEO of Wells, Kashyap, had a take on the insurance field. “Traditional insurance does not tackle the elephant in the room: in spite of overall high financial security, lifestyle illnesses and stress-related conditions are being on the rise,” he said.


“As an industry, insurers must concentrate on our solution, not being just a ‘rainy-day’ creation that helps you only when you fall sick. Insurance must also give you ‘everyday’ benefits – that’s Wellx,” he said.


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