Dubai woman cheated of Dh900,000 by a man in a fake clothing deal

The Dubai Court of Appeals has given a sentence to a man who duped a businesswoman in a fake deal related to the clothing of over Dh900,000.

The Dubai Court of Appeals has given a sentence to a man who duped a businesswoman in a fake deal related to the clothing of over Dh900,000.

The accused claimed in front of the woman that he owned a company in his home country, and he approached her that he would make clothes for her and would have them delivered to Dubai so that she could sell them in a European nation that would help him expand his business also.


As per the deal, the woman transferred the money to the accused’s bank account, but later on, the accused stopped receiving her calls and texts and also switched off his phone,

Initially, the defendant was sentenced to six months of imprisonment and was fined with Dh900,000. The court also ordered that he will be deported after serving his time in jail.

The decision was then challenged by the Dubai Court of Appeals, that upheld the initial decision.

As per the records, the female got an offer for a collaboration business from the accused but later did not respond after getting the money.

The victim on record stated that the accused even provided fake documents and made a fake contract detail as well as the names of investors, along with a website, to earn her trust himself.

He stated that he would make a 12% profit from this partnership, and the lady would get five percent of the profit if she joined the company.


The female then signed a fake contract with the suspect and transferred an amount of $250,000 (Dh919,500), but after that, the accused did not receive her calls and messages. She then reported the fraud to Dubai Police.

The Police officials managed to locate and identify the suspect, and they arrested him. the defendant admitted the fraud he committed. Dubai Police Prosecution then charged the accused with illegally acquiring money.


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