India remains highest contributer in Dubai’s tourism economy

India continues to be the largest international traveller to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates - Dubai.

Dubai, UAE: The Republic of India continues to be the largest international traveller to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai. The data underscore that the previous year (2021), more than 9 lakh tourists planned their trip to the city.  

A huge number of these travellers to Dubai were the ones who came to the UAE for mega-events such as – IPL matches, T20World Cup, and the ongoing Dubai Expo 2020. The majority of Indians visited the site of Expo 2020 and remained to be the most visited destination in the United Arab Emirates. 

During the time period of Dubai Tourism, 72.8 lakh travellers visited overnight from January to December 2021, which is 32% more than the last year of the same period. The statement issued by the tourism officials noted that “Dubai strongholds regained momentum to register positive growth in the year of 2021, with 910,000 visitors coming to the country from the Asian country (India) – (5.3 per cent YoY), followed by 491,000 visitors from Saudi Arabia (+22.8 per cent YoY), and 444,000 (+50.3 per cent YoY) and 420,000 (+7.1 per cent YoY) from Russia and the United Kingdom, respectively“.  

It furthermore asserted, “The hotels of Dubai fared successfully in the fourth quarter, with a significant increase across all hospitality measures compared to 2020, with domestic travel accounting for a large share of the accommodation sector.” For the first time in Q4 2021, the hotel sector beat pre-pandemic levels across all metrics, including over 81.4 per cent occupancy vs 80.7 per cent in Q4 2019“.  

In terms of their bilateral ties, India and UAE share a very deep bond of long withstanding friendship and diplomatic relationship. Meanwhile, Dubai authorities make sure that the passengers arriving in the Arab country are safe. 


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