Dubai Court sentences Asian man to three years of prison for brutally stabbing girlfriend

An ex-pat, aged 33, has been sentenced by an Asian man to three years of imprisonment in Dubai for stabbing his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

An ex-pat, aged 33, has been sentenced by an Asian man to three years of imprisonment in Dubai for stabbing his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

The Dubai Criminal Court has jailed the man for three years and will also be deported after serving his time in prison after being accused of stabbing his girlfriend several times over a dispute while she slept.


As per the police records, the case came in front after an Asian visitor reported a complaint saying that his neighbour in a shared apartment had been stabbed all over her body.

During the investigation, the neighbour said that he got inside the woman’s room after hearing her shouting for help, where he witnessed her bleeding from her shoulder with several stab wounds all over her body. He stated that he also saw a knife on the floor.

The neighbour instantly called the police and an ambulance after the victim told him that the wrongdoer had fled. The victim showed the police the photo of the attacker on her phone after they reached the crime scene, disclosing that it was her boyfriend who lived with her in the same residence.

After the girl recovered, the victim told investigators that she had met the accused eight months before the incident. They had an ’emotional relationship’, saying he vowed to marry her.

While recalling the day of the brutal attack, she stated that he had asked her to pay him Dh8,000 for issuing his residency visa, and she gave him Dh5,000 and asked him to wait for the rest amount. This led to a dispute between them before she went to bed.

The victim further added that she was surprised by the suspect’s attack as she slept and called for help from others in the apartment. Fortunately, her roommate listened to her cry for help and notified the authorities.


The investigation team successfully discovered and arrested the suspect, who admitted to the crime during interrogation.

Tariq Saeed


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