Dubai: Maid steals cash & gold jewelry from employer’s home confined to sentence of 3 months

The servant managed to steal a total sum amount of Dh50,000 in cash along with the jewellery, as per the information shared in the Dubai Court of First Instance. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: A housekeeper in Dubai has been detained on charges of stealing gold jewellery as well as cash from the employer. She attempted the crime during a fire incident which happened at her workplace and now has been sentenced to three months of imprisonment by the Dubai court.   

The servant managed to steal a total sum amount of Dh50,000 in cash along with the jewellery, as per the information shared in the Dubai Court of First Instance. 


The accused will also be deported and will have to pay a fine amount worth Dh50,000.

Although, as per the testimony, the maid earlier denied confessing her crime when she was countered by her employer. 

Below is the statement of the villa’s owner on the incident – 

When I got back to the house after the fire and realised that the money and jewellery were missing. I searched the house and found Dh10,000 in the housemaid’s room. When questioned, she denied knowing anything about the missing jewellery or the money“. 

The employer then added that when her maid’s mother arrived at their villa to meet her daughter, she saw her one of the jewellery pieces around the housemaid’s mother’s neck, following which she reported the incident to the Dubai Police. 

“When she came to visit her daughter (the housemaid), I saw her wearing one of my missing jewellery items. Seeing this, I called Dubai Police for help”.


Later on, the crime was admitted by the maid, informing that she handed over Dh2,000 along with a ring to her mother, the reports of Dubai Police confirmed. 

The exact date, time and other details, such as (the identity of the accused) have not been revealed by the Dubai Police authorities.  

Theft and Robbery in the United Arab Emirates consist of a sentence of imprisonment in between 1/2 yr to 3 years, as nicely as a fine. Attempted robbery, on the other hand, contains of a prison sentence ranging from three months to a year and a half, as nicely as a fine.


Tariq Saeed


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