UAE: Dubai to welcome hundreds of futurists for Future Forum on October 10, 11

Thousands of ‘futurists’ from around the globe will get together in the United Arab Emirates for the first Dubai Future Forum, which will be conducted on October 10 and 11.

Thousands of ‘futurists’ from around the globe will get together in the United Arab Emirates for the first Dubai Future Forum, which will be conducted on October 10 and 11.

It was revealed on Tuesday, 24 May by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, that the emirate will be hosting about 400 forward thinkers from worldwide for the forum that is all set to take place at the Museum of the Future.


Visitors will include thought specialists and leaders from more than 15 institutes and organisations to debate and discuss the next few debates for the betterment of humanity.

Sheikh Hamdan tweeted on his official account, “The Forum will focus on exploring as well as shaping the future by discussing various changes that matter to our daily lives, investing in opportunities and preparing the world for potential risks.”

The real strength of UAE lies in its developmental model that is based on foresight and partnering up with the best ideas and minds to construct the best future for human communities, said Sheikh Hamdan.

Crown Prince of Dubai stated, “We want to be proactive in designing and making the future and preparing for its changes. We have great ambitions and a long-term vision. Dubai and the UAE will always have a passion for the future.”

The forum will be consisting of four main themes that will be discussed during the forum: the future of the world, values and humanity, existential risks and anticipating future changes.
These four topics will be discussed in the period of two days and throughout 30 sessions.

The Museum of the Future was launched in February and stretches over an area of 30,000 square metres, the seven-storey pillarless structyre that stands 77 metres tall. The stainless steel facade, which expands to more than 17,000 square metres, is illustrated by 14,000 metres of Arabic calligraphy.



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