Emirati brothers helped woman, four children from drowning

Two Emirati brothers, along with an Asian man, helped save a woman and four children from drowning in Ras Al Khaimah.

Two Emirati brothers, along with an Asian man, helped save a woman and four children from drowning in Ras Al Khaimah.

As per the sources, Abdulla and Nader Ali Kaseen were on a cruise around the Al Rams beach on Friday, 27 May, when they heard cries for help from the woman and children who were struggling to remain afloat.


They somehow managed to reach them and took them to safety with the help of an Asian man. They immediately called the ambulance after bringing them ashore and were rushed to the hospital.

Abdullah stated that he was on a cruise with his brother Nader and his family at Al Rams when they heard screams for help. In spite of the risk of their boat engine being stuck in the sand, both brothers thought to steer the boat near them.

The brothers jumped into the water and pulled the woman and children aboard when they reached them. An Asian man also came to their rescue, and they managed to drag the highly exhausted woman and the kids on board before taking the boat ashore.

After one day, the woman and kids got discharged from the hospital as they got stable.

The woman identified as Shaim Al Shehhi said that she had gone to the beach with her two children, Youssef, eight and Amna, seven and her nephew and niece Mansour, 8, and Fatima, 10, to the beach and went inside the water to pick up oysters.

She stated that the water started to rise suddenly due to the tide, and before she learned it, they were struggling to stay afloat.


She said that she suddenly felt paralysed and wasn’t able to move because of the high tide, which had consumed a lot of seawater.

She commended the two brothers and the Asian for their brave act.


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