Taiwan to Fund Four Projects in Saint Lucia: PM Philip J Pierre

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia informed the citizens about agreements executed between his coutry with China(Taiwan). As per the agreements, China will provide assistance for four projects and the implementation of the CDP(Constituency Development Programme).

Philip J Pierre, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, informed the citizens about agreements executed between his country and Taiwan. As per the agreements, Taiwan will provide assistance for four projects and the implementation of the CDP(Constituency Development Programme).

These four projects relate to different areas of the country. It includes housing repairs for people with low incomes, sports development, Rehabilitation of the human resources centre as well as funding the national disability policy.


It is to be added that PM Philip J Pieere many times acknowledged the aid provided by China. Just a few days ago, while delivering his New Year address, PM Philip J Pierre stated that “the government and People of Taiwan have continued to provide useful assistance to the People of Saint Lucia for which we are grateful.”

PM Philip J Pierre also expressed similar views in 2023 at new year address and added, “We are grateful to the government and the People of the Taiwan, who have been dear and sincere friends of the people of Saint Lucia.”

Meanwhile, PM Philip J Piere took to social media and shared in a Facebook post that “Through bilateral cooperation with the Republic of China, Taiwan, we have secured grant funding for four projects and the Constituency Development Programme [CDP] that will benefit the people of Saint Lucia.
The projects identified are for the following:
• Provision of housing repairs for the less fortunate
• Sports Development Equipment
• Rehabilitation of Human Resource Centres
• Development of a National Disability Policy”.

PM Further stated in a Facebook post that “Approximately $5.6 million has been secured for these projects, including the CDP funds, which will be deposited into the Consolidated Fund. We are grateful to the Government and the People of Taiwan for their continued support as we invest in the people of Saint Lucia”.

Social media users also appreciate this development. One user, Sunshine Slacks, commented, “Mr PM, the Taiwanese government loves Saint Lucia, but I think it’s you they love more. I suppose they have no choice. You are so bent on putting us first, and such a humble and mastermind of a man!
God be with you, Mr. PM.”

Tariq Saeed


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