Dubai: Hindu Temple set to officially open, read here all details

A Hindu Temple in Dubai is set to open its magnificent doors to visitors on Wednesday officially.

A Hindu Temple in Dubai is set to open its magnificent doors to visitors on Wednesday officially.

The official inauguration ritual will take place on Tuesday evening. The interfaith leaders, diplomats and government officials have been invited to today’s ceremony.


The Magnificent and massive worship house is located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali near several churches and Sikh gurudwara.

The newly constructed and crafted Hindu temple in Dubai is an excellent blend of Indian and Arabic Heritage. 

The stark white temple stands out with marble hand carvings, metal latticework on the facade and tall brass spires.

The management group of the Hindu temple have greeted people of all ethnicities and religious beliefs to visit to learn more about the Hindu faith, Indian heritage and traditions.

The Hindu temple will be open every day from 6.30 am until 8.30 pm from October 5.

Visitors, in order to get rid of any hassle, can also book their entries through the official website of Dubai’s Hindu Temple


An aarti or special prayers are held daily at 7.30 pm. More times will be announced after Diwali.

The new Hindu Temple is in Jebel Ali Village, which shares its wall with the Sikh Temple in Dubai.

The area consists of a temple, gurudwara and at least six churches in Jebel Ali.

Parking spaces in the temple basement are limited.

Authorities have advised visitors to travel on the Dubai Metro to the Energy or Ibn Batuta metro stations and then take bus F44 or taxis to reach the temple.

There are nine brass spires or kalashas placed on the outer domes, which are believed to draw in energy to the temple.

A corridor leading to the upper prayer section is filled with 105 brass bells.


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