Dubai International Airport is world’s “busiest” with over 29 million arriving in 2021

Dubai International Airport once again has been conferred as the "World's busiest airport". More than 29 million international passengers arrived at Dubai's airport in 2021, the airport authorities cited. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai International Airport once again has been conferred as the “World’s busiest airport”. More than 29 million international passengers arrived at Dubai’s airport in 2021, the airport authorities cited. 

This enhanced the tourism sector of the Middle East country. The PTI report cites, “The number of travelling passengers is a sign that international travel has picked up somewhat since COVID-19 pandemic spawned unprecedented global lockdowns and border closures in the year 2020“.  


The passenger number of the last years depicts a 12 percent increase in the visitors’ figure as compared to that of 2020, which indeed is an accomplishment for the administrative. In 2020, the Dubai International Airport witnessed the arrival of around 26 million passengers from across the globe.  

Although, as per the statics, the pre-pandemic margin of passenger traffic at Dubai’s main airport was around 86.4 million. This number was recorded in the year 2019. It is being predicted that the city will revive back to the pre-pandemic number of international arrivals by the year 2024. 

EXPO 2020, which commenced the previous year in the month of October, is the primary reason, which attracted millions of tourists worldwide. Meanwhile, the overall contribution of the DUBAI EXPO 2020 is yet in blurred numbers, in assisting the capital city of United Arab Emirates in reviving its economy.  

Paul Griffiths, Dubai Airports CEO, noted that as per the projections, this year, nearly 57 million passengers are likely to arrive at the Dubai International Airport. 

India occupied the first spot of the country, from where the majority of the travellers landed at Dubai’s airport in 2021, calculating 4.2 million number. This digit is followed by Pakistan travellers, with 1.8 million. 

Apart from this, for its policy of not showing vaccination evidence and a negative COVID-19 test to enter the majority of the places, UAE was put in the “red-list of do not travel” by the United States, United Kingdom and several other countries, globally. 



Tariq Saeed


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