After a decade apart, an expat, his wife and daughter were reunited at airport in Dubai

As an Asian expat reunited with his family after a decade of separation, emotional events transpired in the transit area at Dubai International Airport.

The expat had requested that the Dubai Police assist him in arranging the meeting. When he arrived, he explained that his wife and daughter were transiting through Terminal 2 and that he would like to meet them.


“The Asian resident mentioned that he had not seen his family in ten years owing to a variety of personal problems. Major-General Ali Ateeq Bin Lahej, director of the General Department of Airports Security, explained that he had thought the Dubai Police would encourage him and assist him in seeing them after a lengthy separation.

“We complied with the man’s request and handled all of the appropriate processes to ensure that the family reunion could take place in the transit area,” says the spokesperson.

The resident and his family expressed their appreciation to the Dubai Police for granting their request and for their assistance.

“Thank you very much, Dubai Police.” “You’ve made me the happiest parent on the face of the planet,” he was reported as saying by the police.


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