Dubai: Tariff on all single-use bags comes into effect from July 1

A new charge of 25 fil for all single-use bags was implemented in Dubai on Friday, July 1.

A new charge of 25 fil for all single-use bags was implemented in Dubai on Friday, July 1.

The tariff/charge will be applied to all single-use bags made of paper, plastic, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable materials around 57 micrometres thick.


In an interview, the studies and permit section manager at Dubai Municipality, Imad Juma Mohammed, stated that it strives to end single-use bags all at once.

He stated that our government is well aware of the welfare of future generations around all sectors, as is evident in the persistent efforts of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai to safeguard the environment and make Dubai a leader in sustainable habitat.

From Friday, July 1, 2022, the executive council’s decision will be implemented to impose a charge of 25 fils per bag on one use time bag, striving to ban such bags altogether in two years, said Imad Juma Mohammed.

Stores are not required to offer free choices as the goal is to push a change in consumer behaviour to protect the environment for future generations in Dubai.

All stores must charge for each single-use bag, and a different fee can be applied to reusable bags if provided by the store.

The tariff is the first step towards a total ban on single-use plastic bags in Dubai in the next two years. Retailers will have four months to push the change.


Last month, on June 1, Abu Dhabi became the first city in the Middle East to ban single-use plastic bags.

Alternatives being given to shoppers include thicker traditional-look plastic bags, which can be used between four to 10 times and recycled, bags made of paper, and sturdy ‘bag for life’ types reusable jute and woven alternatives.

Some outlets, like Carrefour and Spinneys, have chosen to remove thicker traditional-type reusable plastic bags altogether, providing either paper or bag-for-life alternatives only.

Prices start from 50 fils ($0.13), increasing to around Dh12 ($3.26) for large, hard-weaving juco bags made of cotton and jute.


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