Democracy or Dictatorship: Russians not allowed to exercise their right to speech after invasion of Ukraine

Russia called for a full-scale military operation in its neighbouring country Ukraine on February 24, 2022. But, the continuous war is resulting in several human deaths and the destruction of livelihoods. While the implications of this war are evident in Ukraine, its effects on Russia will be a reminder that war impacts everybody, including the aggressor.

Russia called for a full-scale military operation in its neighbouring country Ukraine on February 24, 2022. But, the continuous war is resulting in several human deaths and the destruction of livelihoods. While the implications of this war are evident in Ukraine, its effects on Russia will be a reminder that war impacts everybody, including the aggressor.

Russia is one of the primary producers of petroleum and fertilizer, and the disruptions to the flow of goods are giving rise to the compounding of other supply chains and climate challenges, pushing up food and gas prices, causing significant shortages and pushing hundreds and thousands of people into hunger.


Apart from the global impact, the Russian invasion has also led to various effects on its own economy. Many Russians have left the country after the war because they are not with the ideology of President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin
Russian President, Vladimir Putin

According to the sources, more than 300,000 Russian citizens and residents have left the country as political refugees or economic migrants as they were not being given their right to exercise free speech against the actions of President Putin.

Anastasia, a citizen of Russia, who chose not to disclose her last name due to fear of the government, decided to leave her home in Moscow after the initiation of the war as she felt trapped in her own country.

She said, “All these policemen, all these new laws, and how they try to tell you how to live, how to breathe as well as what to say.”

Furthermore, it was revealed that she chose to hide her full name because she feared the consequences of speaking out, as several Russians who have dared to go against the war or President Putin have already been arrested.


A Communist Party deputy from the Voronezh Oblast Legislative Assembly, Russia, Nina Belyayeva, said that she escaped from Russia because of constant threats of criminal prosecution and imprisonment for having spoken against the Russian invasion, adding, “I felt that it was better to leave now. Once a criminal case is launched, it would be too late.”

Russia is presently divided into two groups, one which is in favour of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the other one which is against the ideology of Putin and invasion. The latter group is not granted their right to speech and is being arrested if they give any negative statement regarding the invasion.

According to some economists, those who have fled are mostly young as well as well-educated people, which is why the Russian brain drain is deteriorating with every passing day. More than 50,000 Russian information technology specialists have left Russia, and many more specialists from various fields are leaving the country because they don’t have access to basic fundamental rights.

While Ukraine and the whole world are suffering from the brutal invasion, those who are in Russia are impacted in different ways. As per an independent Russian human rights group, communications have been limited in Russia and those who exercise their right to speak are punished and beaten.

Due to the ongoing war, several foreign nations are imposing various sanctions on Russia, which in turn is impacting the citizens of Russia as they are facing massive rejections from the world. More than 40 countries have imposed sanctions on Putin’s Russia, due to which Russian nationals are facing huge losses. Russians are not allowed to expand their business in foreign countries, and even those residing outside Russia are being faced with envy and hatred.

Just because people are Russian nationals, no matter whether they are in favour of Putin’s ideology or not, they are being faced with criticism from everywhere.

Countries worldwide welcome Ukrainians with open arms but do not greet Russian nationals with the same gesture. But, several countries in the world are providing economic citizenship under various programmes, which turn out to be very beneficial for investors.

Of these countries, few of the Caribbean nations provide alternative citizenship in exchange for an investment. It is the right of every individual to live a safe and secure life no matter where they belong. Just because Putin decided to initiate a war, it does not mean everyone living in Russia is following him and his mindset blindly.

Every coin has two sides to one story, similarly, every situation has two different perspectives of the same story. The Russian government is not focusing on its citizens and is concentrating on equipping Ukraine and winning this war, which is why Russian citizens and nationals are facing insecurity in their own country. Still, they can live safe and peaceful life despite the dictatorship of the Russian government.

The citizenship by investment programme allows an individual to become a global citizen and stay in the country as a legal citizen. Russian nationals whose life has been disrupted due to Putin’s deeds will be able to pursue their education and business while having a life away from torcher, fear and a suffocating environment.

Furthermore, the CBI Programmes provided by a few Caribbean nations conduct robust due diligence before providing an investor with alternative citizenship, and the countries have neutral conduct regarding the war, which is why everyone is welcome to apply for the citizenship by investment programme with open arms.

Russians are now looking for an environment that will be safe for their family and children more than anything else. Caribbean nations offering the CBI programme is ideal for these people to resume their lives in a peaceful environment.

People worldwide criticize Putin and his ideology because he is not suffering from his decision to conduct a war, but several innocent people are. Their lives have been destroyed, and they are left with nothing. Many individuals have also lost their loved ones.

Scholars worldwide are saying that the war must end soon as it is having several negative impacts on not only Russia and Ukraine but the whole economy of the world, and people are suffering severely, many still continue to die in Ukraine because of the outrage of war and this is giving rise to rage and anger globally.

Tariq Saeed

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