Three regulations to follow before the start of schools in Dubai on January 3

The emirate’s education regulator has announced the new working week for private schools in Dubai.

Teachers and all personnel at private schools will be covered by the new Saturday-Sunday weekend, according to a fast guide provided on the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s social media on Wednesday.


It also verified that the midday Friday finish applies to students and employees at Dubai’s private schools, as part of the transition to a four-and-a-half-day week that began on January 3.

In Dubai, schools are allowed to change hours during the week so that teachers can finish the curriculum.

Private schools in Sharjah will be able to extend the academic year by a week or adjust the daily hours to accommodate the transition to the new working week.

The UAE government has announced that government offices and schools will operate on a four-and-a-half-day week starting in January 2022, with the working week shifting from Monday to Friday and a half-day on Friday.

Here are the three most important guidelines for private schools in Dubai:


What time does school end on Friday?
On Friday, the school day must end by 12 pm, but students may be dismissed earlier.

Do the rules only apply to students?
Teachers and employees are affected by the changes to the working week. Private school students and employees are covered by the Saturday-Sunday weekend and the Friday 12pm close.

Is it possible for schools to increase their hours during the week?
After discussing with parents, the regulator stated that schools could begin and end the school day earlier or later. Private schools are allowed to adjust daily schedules to satisfy their curriculum requirements, but they must notify the KHDA of any changes.



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