Man on trial in Dubai for using stolen identity to reside, marry illegally

A man who entered the United Arab Emirates on a visit visa and then married a woman and also had children with her with a stolen identity is now on trial in Dubai.

A man who entered the United Arab Emirates on a visit visa and then married a woman and also had children with her with a stolen identity is now on trial in Dubai.

The 32-year-old man had forged the official documents of his brother’s friend by imposing his own picture on them while he continued to reside in the country of Emirates.


He even hid his real identity and the truth from his wife and her family from the beginning of their marriage. After six years, the wrongdoer filed for a divorce from his wife.

The personal status court of Dubai found during the procedure that the man was a government employee and called him to the court.

The victim stated that he did not recognise the woman, after which it was clear that the identity of the man had been stolen and being utilised by someone.

As per the police records, the woman stated that she had seen that her husband’s family called him by some other name, but she ignored it several times.

The court found the original identity of the accused and also changed the name of the children so that they don’t live under the fake name.

Later, the police investigations revealed that the imposter had escaped the country, abandoning his wife and children.


The man is now said to be on trial in Dubai for deceiving his first wife and children, then his second wife and children and also using a fake identity for so many years.

It is yet unknown when and how the imposter stole his brother’s friends’ identities. Further investigation is still continuing by the Dubai Police to find other reasons as he himself has not revealed anything further.

Dubai Police is taking all measures to give justice to man’s wife and children in Dubai.


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