Indian nurse dies in car accident in Sharjah

An Indian nurse in Sharjah who got several injuries in a car accident has been buried in her hometown, Kerala.

An Indian nurse in Sharjah who got several injuries in a car accident has been buried in her hometown, Kerala.

The 28-year-old nurse, Chinchu Joseph, was crossing the road on Thursday, 2 June, around the side of the Al Nahda area.


Her 4-year-old daughter, parents, husband, two sisters and other family and friends in UAE and India are shattered.

Chinchu’s brother-in-law, who resides in Umm Al Quwain, Saphin Abraham, said, “My brother can’t accept this as real. Everyone is trying to comprehend, but no one can.”

Head of nursing at Aster Hospital in Mankool. Dubai, Celin Jacob said that it was devastating to see what her family was going through as well as her funeral.

Last November, the young nurse had moved from her home in Kottayam in southern Kerala to work in Dubai’s Aster Hospital.

She had further planned to bring her husband, Jibin John and daughter, Hella, to the UAE in September when she travelled home for yearly leave.

“Chinchu desired to earn some money to have a little home, buy some land,” Abraham said.


“She wanted to pay back her education loan, save for her younger sister’s wedding. She had dreams of giving her daughter good schooling and having a happy life.”

On Thursday, Joseph completed her shift and was on her way to meet her elder sister, Anju Joseph, and she was hit by a car.

Anju Joseph came a few minutes late and noticed an ambulance and crowd gathering around the road from their scheduled meeting place.

After almost an hour of waiting, her sister got concerned and spoke to the police to locate her sister at the scene.

“Anju saw an ambulance but did not know who was involved in the accident,” Abraham stated.

“She kept calling Chinchu and got scared when she heard the police say a woman was wounded. Then she saw Chinchu’s shoe by the side of the road and discovered it was her.”

The exact possibilities of the accident are not clear yet, and Sharjah Police have not yet released any details.

Her family buried her on Saturday, a day after her body was flown from the UAE.

Tariq Saeed

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