UAE sends medical support to Senegal after 11 infants died due to hospital fire

The United Arab Emirates urgently sent required medical support to Senegal after 11 newborn babies were killed due to a hospital fire in May.

The United Arab Emirates urgently sent required medical support to Senegal after 11 newborn babies were killed due to a hospital fire in May.

Medical supplies were sent to the neonatal department of the hospital of Senegal, where the blaze broke out and to the maternity ward.


The shipment that was sent from UAE included operating theatres, first aid kits and medicines, as per the sources.

The United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Senegal, Sultan Al Harbi, stated the support on Sunday, 5 June, reflected the long-lasting ties between both nations.

The ambassador further highlighted the dedication of the UAE to helping nations when faced with humanitarian crises.

Earlier, the President, Sheikh Mohamed, asked that Dh35 million ($9.5m) of humanitarian support be sent to Somalia to further support its development and ease extreme poverty.

The support confirmed the keenness of the UAE to help friendly nations and its efforts to make its bilateral relations with Somalia, said reports.

Somalia, which recently re-elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the President, faces its worst drought in many years.


The United Nations states that about 6.1 million people, around 40% of the population, have been impacted, and approximately 760,000 have escaped from their homes.

Furthermore, the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, called for three days of mourning for the 11 infants who had lost their lives uncertainly.

Sall tweeted on his official Twitter handle after hearing the news, “To their mothers and families, I express my deepest sympathy.”

Minister Augustin Tine, his chief of staff, visited the families of the infants.

“We have arrived here to be close to the people, particularly the parents,” he said.

He added that we have come to share the suffering, “to share our offerings and to say again it is a mishappening that has hit our country, but we keep our faith.”


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