UAE to establish over 100 centres for conduction of EmSAT

The United Arab Emirates will be establishing over 100 centres for conducting the Emirates Standard Test (EmSAT).

The United Arab Emirates will be establishing over 100 centres for conducting the Emirates Standard Test (EmSAT).

The Ministry of Education announced that the total number of centres around the country would then stand at 240.


They strive to accommodate more students for the test and facilitate their registration process.

The EmSAT is a national system of standard computer-based tests, as per the UAE national standards.

These online tests estimate the skills and knowledge of Grade 12 students as they complete their general knowledge and move on to higher education. They provide decision-makers with data for college placement and admission.

The ministry said that the new centers are disseminated around the country and will be prepared to provide services by the end of this month. Authorities highlighted their eagerness to provide essential support for students to conduct the EmSAT test, a prerequisite for students’ registration in higher education institutes in the country.

The MoE had also delayed the date for the EmSAT test, which was earlier to be held on May 15, to a future date which has not been announced yet.

The test is compulsory for class-12 students, both non-Emiratis and Emiratis, and it is the same for all private and public schools that teach the curriculum of the MoE and the private international curriculum.


The ministry has also provided a set of instructions that the students must follow, including assuring that the registration for the tests is finished within the time frame, and acquiring a ticket for each test, as per the date the student is set to take the test.

Students must assure that they bring their original document of the Emirates ID and a printed copy of the test ticket and must read the instructions on it.

Pupils must be present at the test centre 15 minutes before the test time and must assure they are in the proper examination room.


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