Dubai resident to fly into space on next mission of Blue Origin

A resident of Dubai is all set to fly on Friday, May 20, on Blue Origins fifth human spaceflight. Hamish Harding, a British ex-pat of 14 years, will be one of the six people to take a short trip to the high frontier.

A resident of Dubai is all set to fly on Friday, May 20, on Blue Origin’s fifth human spaceflight. Hamish Harding, a British ex-pat of 14 years, will be one of the six people to take a short trip to the high frontier.

An aerospace company of Jeff Bezos’ has declared May 20 for the launch of NS-21 if the weather conditions are favourable for takeoff.


This is the next crewed flight of its New Shepard suborbital vehicle, and its launch window will open at 8:30 am CDT / 13:30 UTC (5.30 pm as per UAE Time).

Blue Origin revealed that the crew flying on its mission of NS-21 would be including Investor and NS-19 Astronaut Evan Dick; Business jet pilot and Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding; civil production engineer Victor Correa Hespanha; adventurer and Dream Variation Ventures co-founder Jaison Robinson; electrical engineer and former NASA test lead Katya Echazarreta; and explorer and co-founder of private equity firm Insight Equity Victor Vescovo, Commander, USN (Ret.).

Last year, Harding, aged 49 then, dived the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point in the world, along with Victor Vescovo in a two-person submarine.

The company of Harding, named Action Aviation, deals in purchasing and selling business jets. He acquired his nascent World Record about two and a half years ago for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth through both poles in a Gulfstream 650ER business jet.

It is said that each astronaut onboard NS-21 will have a postcard to space on behalf of the Blue Origins foundation, which is the Club of the Future.

These postcards to Space program provides students with an access to space on Blue Origin’s rockets. The mission of the club is to inspire future generations to take careers in STEM for the betterment of Earth.


Tariq Saeed


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