Dubai: Man imprisoned for six months over posting intimate pictures of ex-girlfriend online

A man in Dubai, aged 34, has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment for posting pictures with his ex-girlfriend online and sending them to her husband.

A man in Dubai, aged 34, has been sentenced to six months of imprisonment for posting intimate pictures with his ex-girlfriend online and sending them to her husband.

The Dubai Criminal Court earlier gave a prison sentence of two-year to an Asian ex-pat on charges of posting pictures with his former girlfriend on her Facebook account as well as sending intimate pictures of both of them to her brother and husband on Whatsapp.

However, the Court of Appeal brought down the sentence to six months but did not turn out the deportation order.

According to case details, the man had robbed the victim’s mobile phone when they went to a mall in Midriff.

The case came to the forefront after a woman, and her husband reported the case to the police stating that her mobile phone had been robbed and that she was being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend.

She further told the police that her ex-boyfriend had robbed her phone when she went to a mall in Midriff with her husband. He then blackmailed her into posting her pictures on Facebook and sharing them with her brother and husband if she will try to end the affair.

In the report, the husband said that he was shocked to learn about her wife’s ex-boyfriend and also to see her pictures with him that was very inappropriate that he got on Whatsapp through his wife’s mobile phone before he got to know that her mobile phone had been robbed by someone in the mall and that she was being threatened by her former boyfriend. The husband also saw the pictures on her Facebook profile.

Following the report, the police arrested the accused, and during the interrogation, he confessed to all of his wrongdoings. The man will be deported as soon as he will serve his time in the prison.


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