Dubai: Father in Court for Assisting Son Accused of Murder to Flee Country

The court's decision, citing familial ties and the father's advanced age, raises complex moral and legal questions on reporting crimes. On October 6, 2022, an acquaintance found the lifeless body of the accused's friend at a JBR Walk apartment, triggering the legal proceedings

In a recent ruling that has sparked debate across legal circles in Dubai, a father has been spared punishment by the Dubai Criminal Court despite failing to report his son’s involvement in a murder case.

The court’s decision, citing familial ties and the father’s advanced age, highlights complex moral and legal questions surrounding the duty to report crimes.


The case unfolded on October 6, 2022, when a female acquaintance of the accused son stumbled upon the lifeless body of his friend at an apartment in JBR Walk.

Shocked by the gruesome discovery, she immediately alerted authorities, triggering an investigation that led to the arrest of the accused in Sharjah.

During proceedings, it emerged that the accused’s father was aware of his son’s involvement in the crime but chose not to report it to authorities.

The prosecution argued that this failure to report constituted a violation under Article 323 of the Penal Code, which stipulates penalties for individuals who withhold knowledge of crimes from authorities.

In his defense, the father recounted the chilling moment he discovered the victim’s body covered with sheets and the apartment floor stained with blood.

He claimed to have been terrified by his son’s actions and stated that his fear prevented him from promptly reporting the crime.


This explanation raised questions about the ethical dilemma faced by relatives of perpetrators when confronted with such distressing situations.

The court deliberated on the application of Article 323, which allows for leniency in cases where the individual failing to report the crime is a close relative of the perpetrator.

Citing the father’s relationship with the accused and considering his advanced age, the court invoked its discretionary powers to exempt him from punishment.

Legal experts have expressed mixed reactions to the ruling, with some arguing that exemptions based on familial ties could undermine the principle of accountability in criminal cases.

Others have defended the court’s decision, emphasizing the complex emotional and psychological pressures that family members may face when implicated in serious criminal matters.

The case has underscored the importance of understanding the nuances of legal responsibility and moral duty within family dynamics.

It prompts broader discussions on how legal systems balance compassion with accountability in cases involving close relatives of perpetrators.

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, this ruling in Dubai serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate intersections between law, morality, and familial obligations in the pursuit of justice.

The decision to exempt the father from punishment reflects the court’s interpretation of these complexities, leaving a lasting impact on legal precedents and societal perceptions of justice in similar cases.


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Tariq Saeed

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