Worker compensated with Dh240,000 after getting injured at construction site

A crane operator has been given compensation of Dh240,000 after getting severely injured at a construction site in the United Arab Emirates.

A crane operator has been given compensation of Dh240,000 after getting severely injured at a construction site in the United Arab Emirates.

The worker got serious injuries after concrete blocks fell on him while he was on duty, as per the details of the case.


The Family, Civil and Administrative Court of Abu Dhabi ordered the construction company and its safety officer to pay the compensation together to the Asian man as they were found guilty of carelessness and not following with safety measures.

The man was using a crane at a newly constructed site in the Taweelah area of Abu Dhabi when pieces from a concrete block fell from some height and hit him, as per official court documents. He was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

A medical report disclosed that the worker had suffered various fractures in his pelvis, a broken spinal cord and many cuts in the ligaments of his right knee.

The report further confirmed that the injuries were permanent and curbed him from performing his duties, particularly those involving severe standing work.

The Criminal Court of Abu Dhabi had earlier fined the construction firm with Dh10,000 as well as the safety officer with Dh5,000 as they both were found guilty in this case due to their negligence and not complying with safety measures, which resulted in the falling of concrete blocks.

Both defendants were to together pay the worker Dh140,000 for moral, physical and material damages.


Yet, the man filed a civil lawsuit against that construction firm and the safety officer, urging that the compensation amount should be raised to Dh500,000.

In his lawsuit, the worker said that he was a young man and the sole earner of his family, and his inability to work because of the injuries impacted him mentally and financially.

After listening to all parties, the court instructed to raise the compensation to Dh240,000.


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